Tuesday, January 27, 2009

And now 2009

Blogging has taken a back seat and I am not really happy with it. To be frank life is boring, pretty much the usual.. work, home, food, sleep etc. I find nothing exciting enough to pen down (in this case type down). Or may be the charm of blogging has worn off. Its been 4 yrs of blogging. Besides all my fellow bloggers have moved to other stuff as well and there is not much of blog hopping for me either. So does this mean that I am planning to wrap up the blogging business?

Well not at all. Its been boring to write and hear people voice out their opinion about what written but this is something I still enjoy every bit.

Happy New Year folks ! Its a new year with new resolutions and what are they?
(Not many, just a few which I seriously hope to stick out at least half way through 2009)
Healthy Lifestyle : includes healthy eating, moderate exercise and lots of stress free days.
Clean credit card: Yup I want to clear all my credit card debts...That mean save save save!
Add this to #1 I also want to start going to the gym (sometime around 2009) and work out!

That's it for now.


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