Saturday, August 22, 2009

Guess my mood n win a free print

This is what is on my play list now... Can u guess my mood? Let me give options
I am bleeding
I am heart broken
I am just nostalgic
I have nothing better to do

Lucky (one) to guess rite will get a free print of this picture
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Sunday, July 26, 2009


Its apperent that I have nothing better to do this weekend (2 posts a day just proves that) Anyways couple of days before I turned 27. Since I was 23 I always had the carpiest birthdays because I used to feel sad tht I will be another year older and weigh my life with all the things thats is not there in my life. Well surprisingly this time was different, probably because this was my first birthday with my mom and sister around after 17 years (yeah thats another story). Or maybe I actaully am wiser and older... hehe.. or maybe the fact that Islowly started to stop to looking at those things that are not in my life and simply enjoy whats in hand.


Remembring MJ

He was eccentric and weird. His taste was no ordinary, but I guess that's because he was a super talented artist. I think Micheal Jackson was one of the most misunderstood artists of this millennium. People found his obsession to plastic surgery, his choice to live in a amusement park with wild animals, his lavish lifestyle, his obsession for privacy , his fondness toward children unacceptable. But his music never failed to touch all. I might have been one those who had questioned his innocence but I was always a fan of his music and dance. What he did not get during his life Micheal Jackson earned the love of his people after his death. People all over reacted to his passing and am sure that he will be at peace. May his soul rest in peace.


Monday, June 08, 2009

Did I abandon my blog?

The answer is no I havnt yet.

Then why am I not updating it?

Well there are a couple of reasons :

My focus has lately changed from writing to here so I am lately blogging here more regularly.

This blog was a place for me to vent, write about things that make happy, excited, sad ( yeha basically rant abt all the thoughts that pass my mind) and some things which I wanted to share with the blogworld. I realised that over the course of time ppl whose blog I used to visit have stopped blogging and I really dint make any new blogger friends. (Common all u find these days are 16 yrs old ranting about their teen problem.)

And most importantly I have realised that I think and crib about the problems and instead of feeling better I end up feeling all the more crappier.

That said I think I will find more words to put in here, in the mean time hope in here and check out whats keeping me hooked.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Lots in the past week

This past week was pretty hectic for me. I had to shave of Mandy's hair. Yup its sort of a summer cut for her, plus her super sensitive skin has started acting up. Initially I used to worry a lot and get worked up feeling guilty that I am not doing my best in looking after her needs. But after meeting a couple of vetenerians (including a animal dermatologist) both me and Mandy have started to accept it and deal with it in our ways. We went to see the doc and is on medication and regular baths now.

So thursday we were both locked up in the bathroom trimming her beautiful fur. Now except for her hear, tail and legs all that is left in the other parts a small stubble:P She kinda looks cool to me, more thinner and yeah one more advantage is that I am spared from one of twice a year hair shedding. :P We have mutually decided that we can make this a twice a year affair (in oct and Mar-april) when Mumbai is at its hottest. Will post her photos soon.

I also did some good amount of cleaning at home: I managed to tackle the fridge, TV, my dining table which is used to dump all possibile things since its most conviniently placed next to the main entrance:) I also semi arranged my cupboard and realised that its time I discard the clothes that have become too big for me (*taking a bow* I have managed to loose a few pounds in the last year *super big grin*) But there is always this fear of bouncing back to good old days which prevents me from discarding them.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Its bokeh wednesday


Friday, March 06, 2009

Photo Blogs

My latest addiction is to go through photo blogs, blogs that belongto photographers esp in the US. There is a lot of scope for photographers in the US.Maybe its because Americans are (mostly) crazy abt presentations. Everything has to larger than life and I guess they all want to look a little like a super models in the marriages and otehr occasions.

Werz da Weekend?

Whatever it is, its pretty much helps me to go through these blogs as I am inspired to take better pictures (atleast I feel so that they are better). I am especially crazy for pet photographers and portrait/family photogrpahers. Wedding photography in US is a different ball game compared to India.
BTW I have a new blog exclusively for showcasing my photography skills. And these I am pretty much into photography so theres lotsof stuff there Go check ito ut! Mumbai Photographer. I guess the name is apta as I am a true mumbaite in spirit. Now that definetly doesnt mean that this is baby will be neglected totally.

Update*: I just realised after publishing this post that I have posted Mandy's pictures back to back in the last 3 posts. Hey what the hell she is my all time fav model so go figure.


Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Wordless Wednesday -Mandy's Side Profile

I thought this might be something good to start with after the long break in blogging.


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