Monday, June 08, 2009

Did I abandon my blog?

The answer is no I havnt yet.

Then why am I not updating it?

Well there are a couple of reasons :

My focus has lately changed from writing to here so I am lately blogging here more regularly.

This blog was a place for me to vent, write about things that make happy, excited, sad ( yeha basically rant abt all the thoughts that pass my mind) and some things which I wanted to share with the blogworld. I realised that over the course of time ppl whose blog I used to visit have stopped blogging and I really dint make any new blogger friends. (Common all u find these days are 16 yrs old ranting about their teen problem.)

And most importantly I have realised that I think and crib about the problems and instead of feeling better I end up feeling all the more crappier.

That said I think I will find more words to put in here, in the mean time hope in here and check out whats keeping me hooked.


DreamVendor 10/6/09 10:34 AM  

hey there! Howz you been? Nice pics on mumbaiphotographer, although I follow them on Flickr.

I've moved too -

It is restricted and I'm going to send you an invite now.

Catchya there!


Moony 17/6/09 10:14 AM  

Hey! we know the reason now! me moved!

Rebus 18/6/09 2:36 AM  

I just saw the landscape change!!

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