Monday, March 30, 2009

Lots in the past week

This past week was pretty hectic for me. I had to shave of Mandy's hair. Yup its sort of a summer cut for her, plus her super sensitive skin has started acting up. Initially I used to worry a lot and get worked up feeling guilty that I am not doing my best in looking after her needs. But after meeting a couple of vetenerians (including a animal dermatologist) both me and Mandy have started to accept it and deal with it in our ways. We went to see the doc and is on medication and regular baths now.

So thursday we were both locked up in the bathroom trimming her beautiful fur. Now except for her hear, tail and legs all that is left in the other parts a small stubble:P She kinda looks cool to me, more thinner and yeah one more advantage is that I am spared from one of twice a year hair shedding. :P We have mutually decided that we can make this a twice a year affair (in oct and Mar-april) when Mumbai is at its hottest. Will post her photos soon.

I also did some good amount of cleaning at home: I managed to tackle the fridge, TV, my dining table which is used to dump all possibile things since its most conviniently placed next to the main entrance:) I also semi arranged my cupboard and realised that its time I discard the clothes that have become too big for me (*taking a bow* I have managed to loose a few pounds in the last year *super big grin*) But there is always this fear of bouncing back to good old days which prevents me from discarding them.


Smita 5/4/09 5:39 AM  

Hi :)

1st time here and ur blog looks cool :)

U clearly had a hectic week...

Lost weight?? how?? please share the tips :)

Moony 31/5/09 8:51 AM  

I am back! :) (So I would like to think)

Deepa 1/6/09 12:19 AM  

@Smita: Losing weight is a mysetry to me

Moony 1/6/09 9:34 AM  

I miss having a dog! :(

Rebus 2/6/09 11:26 PM  

*super big congrats* things do have changed in an year;

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