Friday, March 06, 2009

Photo Blogs

My latest addiction is to go through photo blogs, blogs that belongto photographers esp in the US. There is a lot of scope for photographers in the US.Maybe its because Americans are (mostly) crazy abt presentations. Everything has to larger than life and I guess they all want to look a little like a super models in the marriages and otehr occasions.

Werz da Weekend?

Whatever it is, its pretty much helps me to go through these blogs as I am inspired to take better pictures (atleast I feel so that they are better). I am especially crazy for pet photographers and portrait/family photogrpahers. Wedding photography in US is a different ball game compared to India.
BTW I have a new blog exclusively for showcasing my photography skills. And these I am pretty much into photography so theres lotsof stuff there Go check ito ut! Mumbai Photographer. I guess the name is apta as I am a true mumbaite in spirit. Now that definetly doesnt mean that this is baby will be neglected totally.

Update*: I just realised after publishing this post that I have posted Mandy's pictures back to back in the last 3 posts. Hey what the hell she is my all time fav model so go figure.


Nikhil Joshi 12/3/09 9:39 AM  

you have a very good idea of what you are doing..
i really like ur photographs, fantastic timing and taste..
appreciate ur art..

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