Monday, July 07, 2008


Yesterday I gracefully entered my 26th year. People around me know me as the typical cancerian with her mood swings. One moment its bright and sunny and the next dark clouds looms around... I do have my worst/best moods on ym birthdays. Mostly I am depressed abt some useless point and then there are the few good ones spent with special people.

But unlike all the other birthdays this one was different. I was niether sad nor happy and dint feel that its my birthday at all except for the few phone calls that I got. Gracefully and silent I entered into the 26th year. Looking back I must say that I have achived a lot, lost a few, leant a lot and some mistakes that are irreparable. But over all it has turned out good for me. Looking forward, I see a lot of new chapters yet to be opened and lived, a lot more to achieve and hope to learn from my past mistakes.

On a ligther note when one turns 26, one should be ready for advices like, start doing facials, use under eye gels at knight, be dedicated to cleansing, toning and moisturising regiment. All this so that u can look younger as u get older.

Trust me this really depresses u a bit epecially when a brain bird tells this to u on ur darn birthday.


Anonymous,  8/7/08 7:20 PM  

yay. happy bday :)

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