Wednesday, July 09, 2008

JNJT vs Love Story 2050

Apparently Bollywood has taken Karan Johar's K3G movie caption "Its all abt loving your family” a tad bit seriously. And as a result every one wants to launch their brothers, sisters, kids, nieces, nephews, uncles, aunties and who all.

So last Friday we has 2 new comers whose movies were released. Harman has almost all of his friend (*wink wink * including gal friend Priyanka) pitching in for the mega budget film, unfortunately it was the biggest disaster for 2008 as far I am concerned for a couple of reasons:

He looks like a clone of Hrithik, if not for his lack of height. He even sounds somewhat like him.
Bollywood is not yet ready to produce ultimate sci-fi movies.
He definitely could brush up his acting skills (may be a lot)
The script was pathetically boring and senseless. Common which 23 year old guy looks up the sky and speaks to his swarg waasi mother. Grow up!
Its creepy to have a pop singer speaking to a teddy bear look alike robot.
On the other hand I really did not have a lot of expectations from Jaane na Jaane Tu. A not so mega budget movie with the age old college love story. Nothing unusual, probably that’s what worked for Imran. Although a gamble, Aamir managed successfully to launch his nephew with a simple movie.

The platform of chocolate boy aka box next door has been vacant for sometime. If my memory serves right, it was Aamir aka the maamujaan himself a few years back then it was Aftab Shivdasani (for some time). Now I think the Imran has managed to bag the chocolate boy of Bollywood title quite at ease of course with the help of his maamujaan Aamir.


Anu 9/7/08 8:48 PM  

I didnt even venture near 2050 because of the reviews , but had to see JTYJN because of ARR's music. I know the film was formula driven , but I think the dialogues and the sequences were funny and real , that whomever played those parts I think would have come out a winner. Though Imran has for me become the new "It" boy! :)

Smini 14/7/08 10:39 AM  

Its definitely JNJT for the next weekend..

Smini 30/7/08 11:05 AM  

U have been tagged

Indyana 2/8/08 8:02 AM  

It looks like Imran will do well...atleast I hope he does! Nice movie!

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