Monday, June 16, 2008

Ghosts of the past

Thats what I can call them. The friends and people I was associated with during wild child days. When I moved in to this city, it was not for a new city but also for a new life. Luckily I managed to lead a good one here. I found another me inside here. Now thanks to Orkut, the Life I left behind follws me now. Surprising its not haunting, infact I am proud to flaunt how well I have made it here with sheer will, and hardwork. Cheers!


DreamVendor 17/6/08 10:21 AM  

ah i love that feeling! of flaunting the new you in a metro! lol! i do that a lot on orkut! oh btw, so you are on orkut!

IdeaSmith 19/6/08 5:07 AM  

I call them ghosts only when they're not alive and well in my heart anymore. I actually deleted my Orkut account to keep some of them away!

But yes, welcome to this city - it has its own share of ghosts.

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