Friday, June 13, 2008

Love u, Hate U Big B

That what it is when it comes to my opinion on Mr Bachchan. His work amazes me to the core. OK yes he was acting a bit retard between his retirement and re-hirement in Bollywood. I really wonder what was he thinking when he was running behind trees along with young gals who were almost the age of his daughter.

Anyways apart from that I admire most of his work, again leaving his silly attire and weird way of roaming in between the actors in Jhoom Barabar Jhoom. He was an extra to the core in this flick. But hey I admire him for giving birth reality game shows, to reign the thousands of idiot boxes and to popularize the phrase "Lock kiya jaaye". Although I am a big Sharukh fan, I still feel that Amithabh was way better as the Don and although Sharukh has his own charm there is nothing close to Big B.

But to tell u the truth the Bachchan pariwaar (it sounds and is like the Viraani pariwaar of Ekta Kapoor mush mush saas bahu kahani, here its sasur bahu kahani) he really has failed a lot. Claiming himself to be a gfarmer for a piece of land to getting his son married to Ms Rai (who has a particular reputation of a series of high profile affairs or should I say highly publicized affiars), to turningthe whole IIFA event to a Bachchan family affair event. All these just a leaves a sour tasate abt Big B.

On the flip side, I think its pretty cool to handel the way he has when he was the target of MNS.

So finally its love hate when it comes to BIG B. Now why the hell am speaking abt him? Well see what he has to say about the monsoon plights a rich man has to face.

For most of us, it is a toss between flood inspector pants and a rubber boat in
the rains.I live in Juhu and have been living here for the past 35 years or a
bit more. And each monsoon has brought with it the ominous dark clouds, an angry
muddy sea, a sensuous delight and, of course, rain. A rather large amount of it,
I’m afraid. The JVPD Scheme, Juhu, is a low-lying area with high profile
occupancy. It houses the comparatively affluent and those with somewhat better
means. Businessmen, builders, filmstars, high-bracket schooling systems,
luxurious hotels even the prestigiously initialled J W Marriott, which some
local intellectual had, with straight-faced humour, wondered if the J W stood
for Juhu Wala Marriott!When you are a person of means and certain affluence,
your right to complain or comment is lost beyond redemption. “Ye saale ameer
log! Mehelon mein rehnewale! Ye kya jaane hum garibon ki mushkilain!” They are
right. We really don’t know what the common man goes through. We really don’t
know the pain of seeing their hut washed away by floodwaters. We really don’t
know the loss of belongings, the little that they have, when authorities
demolish their habitats. Demolish, so that the pollution in the ‘nullah’ that
flows along reduces. Reduces so that excessive rainwater can flow clear and not
jam the roads, which accommodate a Benz or a BMW of the secure, cemented water
protected mansions of the rich.I really have no solution to the problem you want
me to find a solution for. Yes, it is rough!But we have the means to shift the
belongings to a higher floor in the mansion.We have the means to clean the
carpet and repair the furniture. We have the means to claim the insurance on
damaged vehicles, or buy another.The means to use the generator to substitute
the TV with DVDs of entertainment.And the means to stock in cold storages the
consumables.We survive. The poor die.And you want me to complain and comment on
my condition? I have no complaints. I will live within this.I will suffer the
loss, but not the suffering of others.Five families of my staff lost their homes
on the nullah. I brought them in. They now have a roof in my house. I will feed
them till I can find suitable accommodation for them. But what of others? Where
do they go?I have no complaints.I fear the politicisation of my comments to the
authorities. I am labelled an ‘outsider’. I dare not have a voice in a land
within myown land!I am happy.I am happy with my suffering.But do something for
the others.Do not ask me to lead. Allow me to follow. I am a good follower. I am
Amitabh Bachchan. I live in JVPD, Juhu. The place that gets flooded every

article courtesy: mid-day


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