Thursday, June 05, 2008

Just Like That

I always skip my favourite songs, the songs that hold a deeper meaning . May be I just don't want to get over it listening to it over and over.

I have realised that I have attention span of a puppy. At least when it comes to warming my chair in front of the PC. I get distracted by my colleagues, wiki, Google etc. Solution to this is plug on to my mp3 player in full blast and go deaf :)

Essence of friendship once lost is hard to revive. You might just be able to keep aside the difference and move ahead but not sure if it is easy to have the same relationship after all what has happened.

I miss my pups. All of them. I now know that one does not have to give birth to know what is motherhood.


Anu 6/6/08 5:31 PM  

Sorry about your pups.. but totally agree on "Essence of friendship once lost is hard to revive". Maybe sometimes we need to let go of old ties and their tangles, to see new friends pop up in front of us

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