Thursday, March 06, 2008


I had expected to have to go through endless efforts to look after the pupsin the Mission Puppy Mking. But looking back, now that I have reached the last phase seemed liked a cake walk compared to the trouble I had to go through with the number of maids in the entire process.

I had planned it all. Hire a full day maid in place of the part time one I had 2 months in advance so that Mandy and the new maid has some time to adjust to each other. Every thing was working to the T until the delivery. The maid wanted go home the very same night when 3 of us (the Sire's owners) plus the vet were running around picking up pups which Mandy was delivering all over the house, a kept a face as swollen as a red pumpkin all through out the 2 full days of labor.

Then she started coming late in the morning which resulted in me doing all the early morning house work (Yah yah, we have a water problem after all this Mumbai and hence we have store water, do the laundry and all other water related work when the water is available) Trust me staying awake till 3am and then getting up at 6am is only in the job specification of a Super Hero and definitely not of a fat, naturally lazy, and not so morning person like me.
To make matters worse she was taking further advantage of the fact that I was in dire need of her by not doing the usual chores and if done its as good a not done at all, erratic leaves.
Finally this Wednesday she quit (but I have her one month salary so screw her!) giving me some lame excuse and finally the ball is back in my court. In the mean time I was still fanatic to find some to look after the pups. They (at least some) still need to be shown where to find food, even though it is right in front of them. And the very same day I found a full time maid who after 2 days tells me that she doesn’t like dogs and want to quit.

Google about maids in India and you will find zillions of articles written by hypocrite journos who ill-treat and under pay their maids at home, speaking of maid atyachaar, and how under paid maid in India are and blah blah blah....

Agree that there are a few maids I have come across who are a gem. And seriously I don’t mind keeping them in a pedestal. But trust me majority of these people although illiterate are more finicky, fickle and lazy bunch who want to get paid for nothing. And the truth is that I still need a maid to keep my house spick and span and to feed me and my dogs.
Maids: Can’t live without one; can’t live with one!


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