Sunday, March 09, 2008

Puppy Making Updates 5.0

Well the pups are all full one month and one week old. They are at their naughtiest best. They fight, whine, bark, growl, wrestle around with each other, trouble their mom and poop all over, all the time. Its hard to believe that starting next weekend onwards the pups will be off to their own homes and eventually it will be just me and Mandy. Probably we will take off some place for a weekend end to rewind once allthe pups go to their homes.
With no full time maid avalible from today they are home alone (with their mom) when I am at work. I have arranged for my old (previous) maid to come and feed them twice during the 8 hours and again fill their bowl when she leaves home . Although not entirely sufficient this should work OK for now, now that they are all grown up and have their vision and hearing in active mode :) With all the naughtiness and actvities around them at the end of the day they are all beat and so am I trying to keep up with them. Here is Mr Green who has claimed the food bowl as his personal lounge pad.


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