Monday, March 03, 2008

Puppy Making Update 4.0

Life is revolving 360 degree around the pups. They are all now full 4 weeks old. That simply means lots and lots of masti, wimpers turning to full fleged barks, sibling fights, more attentin demanding and 1000 fold cuter. Also this weekend they made the BIG transition from complete liquid diet to misture of solid & liquid diet.

In these four weeks 2 boys and my favorite cutie pie (gal) has found their future homes. I call most of then by the color of the ribbons they are tagged, and its sounds pretty good as names to me too.
So 'Blue' the 3rd born (and the first male in the litter) is going as a sibling bro to a 8 month old baby boy named Aimon. He is (most likely to be) being named Odoo, supposedly means Brave Dog.
Brown is going to another family who has been anticipating to own a pet dog for years. But its now they have decided to own one after moving to a bigger house.
And finally Audrey/Orange the naughtiest, the cutest and the apple of my eye is going to be a part of a Gujju family in Borivili. I had planned to give her somewhere near by so I can keep seeing her, but I am sure that she has found a good home.

When we had planned of Mandy pregnancy, I had promised myself that I won’t be emotionally attached to any of the pups. Since I have a reputation for being emotionally dependant, and have a tendency to be depressed over it for long after it’s gone. To a certain extend I have maintained my promise, but with Audrey things went hay weir. Her cute face and her ever growing naughtiness helped her creep inside to a point when I actually thought I will keep her for myself. But looking after 2 dogs is not a cake walk and definitely it will not serve justice to Mandy. And I am sure that Audrey is going to a get a good life.


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