Thursday, July 19, 2007

Random thoughts in th air.

Some random thoughts in the air, passing through my head :

  • I am too happy with my new hair style. (Check the profile pictures 4 da new look and Jan07 archive 4 da b4 pic). So much so that I am always making sure that I cant stop admiring it :P
  • While working I listen to music in my phone. The pace of my work depends on what I am listening to.
  • Californication by Red hot chilli pepper is good.
  • The songs of the new movie "Cash" is good, esp the title song :). Sunidhi Chavan has sung well.
  • A bit uneasy, since I spk to a friend abt a dear one who has slipped through.


the rain tree 24/7/07 9:07 PM  

know what?? you look pretty with this new style

Pallavi 26/7/07 9:27 PM  

looks good.. the hair style I mean !!

Moony,  27/7/07 3:24 AM  

hey... how are you? pretty definitely! :)

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