Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Am emotionally wercked !

Well yeah, this is not a news to me. I was aware that I am a emotional wreck since some months. But I thought I am emotionally weak when it comes to facing similar issues similar to the unpleasant incident which happen to me. But even today I have tears popping out seeing emotional movies/TV soap. I know u must be wondering which TV soap can make me cry? Well not those sadistic saas bahu kahaani definitely... its more of Greys Anatomy and things like that... But I thought the extend of my emotional damage were only till that.

Yesterday when I took Mandy to the vet, I happen to visit another abandoned Lab named Suzie at the next door pet shelter. Suzie has a very sad story. Her actual owner abandoned her after mating her and making money selling the litters and she was adopted by a small time hotelier who really dint take her as a house pet. More of a hotel pet, Suzie survived on the hotel scraps and leftovers. She was again mated and her litters were sold for almost 35000 (in total). One fine day the hotelier went absconding, taking many ppl's money and leaving Suzie on the streets. Since then she has been put in this shelter. Today she hardly looks like a lab, she is thin and undernourished. She is ripping her own fur due to lack of attention. The lady at the shelter doesn't want to find a home for her since she has been in the shelter for a long time and says that she has become emotionally attached to the dog. I wish I could help but I really cant take the responsibility of 2 dogs.

I knew Suzie's story since a long time, but after I saw her yest I couldn't sleep the entire night.

Is it normal to feel this way? Atleast I know for me it is not. I mean I am a person who looks at such incidents as 'it happens' manner. I donno if this is good or bad. But definetly I realise that incidents have left me weak hearted.


Sanjay 26/7/07 6:03 AM  

Hang in there buddy. What you have and which is very important to have is empathy.
Things will sort themselves out.

Pallavi 26/7/07 9:21 PM  

Awww thats sad. why do they do that..
poor suzie.. at least the owner of the shelter is looking after her.

Its normal..

I always had dogs when i was little till I left home.. everytime a dog passed on, it used to break our hearts.. :(

pets can get under your skin deeper than human beings can.

Rebus 30/7/07 11:22 PM  

One can do only as much, and as the owner already has taken her in, you neednt worry.
As for week hearted I would rephrase as more emphatic, cheer up, as I always say to myself, "Every strength is a weakness, every weakness a strength", you just have to change your perspective!!!

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