Sunday, July 29, 2007

Weekend in genral

Although it was a very wet weekend, I must admit it was not at all bad for me. I stayed at home, with the exception to go out and buy the groceries. I was in the mood for cooking and hence made three different types of seafood. Richard Clayderman makes cooking and cleaning (the house) so much fun. I recently got these CDs copied from a friend of mine: Best of Kenny G, Yanni & Richard Clayderman. Although Yanni manages to some how throw me into a very weird mood, I must say that Richard and Kenny G are music to my ears literally. I also managed to get wet in the rains on my way back from the grocery store. I hadn't really got a chance until yesterday to do so at least during this monsoon. The best part was that I was not feeling bad to say goodbye the weekend and to face Monday.
Moving further, do you feel the need to please everyone, if not the the fullest but at least so that ppl don't talk bad about you. I realise that its difficult to please all, and that ppl do back bite abt one another. I am not a saint either. But one thing that really concerns me is about these 3 colleagues of mine (one of them used to be my 'so called friend') who have started talking rubbish about me and my mgr. Out of the 3, one did try hard to be as close to the manager as possible but to her bad luck I moved into this department and my mgr was also a good friend of mine. True we share a lot of common interests and I like to once in while sit and chat with him. But I don't feel that he lets me slack on my work, and whenever required he has pulled me up and we have had our share of fights/arguments. I am not really sure how should I take this incident forward. I did give a lot of thought about this during the weekend. Not really sure about it though, I have a couple of ideas. The best being that I totally forget what they talk and cut interaction with them to the minimal, and simply just concentrate on my work. Am sure that in time things will be alright and their opinion will change.
Today morning on my way to work I noticed that my vehicle took an unusual route. A route I had completely avoided for the past couple of months. Its were he stays. Never before have I had to take this route (at least in the past couple of months). Coincidentally today early he was expected to come back to India ( I am not sure if he has already reached). I couldn't help myself from leaning out the window and take a peek of his house far inside the compund. Althought I really couldn't figure out much it was just an act for mental staisfaction. The rest of the journey to work, my mind was full of moments of the past and conversations we had, particularly one. There is a good chance I might bump into him. I do want to see him, atleast just to see how he is doing.


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