Sunday, July 15, 2007

8 weird / arbit things about myself

I hate memes for the simple reason that one has to rack his/her brains to answer out of the blue questions which might not have dreamt in Ur wildest dreams. In the entire life of this log this will be the second meme, the first one was for a very dear friend who tagged me and this now is because I kinda thought it would be fun to explore the weird side of me.

So M here we go .. 8 weird / arbit things about myself.

I use/like men's deodorants.
Yes I like to smell good and I like to smell strong. To me ideally deos shud leave a trail of a slight, mild smell lingering for the next couple of seconds which will tell that u were here a second ago. This funda works and many of my gal friends have switched to men's deo. Also men who smell good are a definite turn on 4 me. My favourite are Cigar, Playboy, Tommy, AXE.

Bed linen has to be straight.
I have to have my bed linen aligned properly (as per the design), otherwise there is no way I can sleep on it. I am not sure from where this weirdness has popped up in me, but I have tried to sleep on a not so well made bed and couldn't sleep all night.

Self-obsessed in the car.
Yeah if I happen to be seated in the front seat of a car I cannot stop looking at my self in the mirror constantly, non-stop.

Weekend migraine.
Lately for the past couple of weeks, during the weekends I get a migraine attack especially during the afternoon, due to which I have to sleep it out even if I don't want to.

Am da Mother of sorrows
I usually don't wear my heart up my sleeves, but then when I do its with a sincere intention, and most of the time I end up being hurt. The worst part of all this is I take enormous time and efforts to get over it. I am getting over one currently (its almost a year now).

Yes sometime I hate it and sometimes I crave it ... that's the relationship I share with chocolates. I donno what triggers my change in preference.

Stationery freak
Yeah I am a stationery freak so much so that I collect .....well flick...(first I ask sweetly if I don't get it then I choose the latter alternative) pens. I love to have stacks of fresh notepads, colorful notebooks etc handy in my drawer. You name it and I have it in my drawer; paper punch, clips, pins, eraser, sharper, ruler, stapler, folder, files, marker, highlighter, paper weights etc.

Marathi is a funny language
Yes after 13 yrs in Maharashtra I still cant speak Marathi and sometimes I don't understand certain words too. Its very funny because I had picked up fluent Bengali and Kannada in just a year each.

I dont want to tag anyone in particular but if anyone is interested plz go ahead.


Pallavi 17/7/07 7:30 AM  

LOL nice to read this

Kirthi 9/8/07 4:20 AM  

hey was blog hopping!! m a stationery freak as well!! nice read :)

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