Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy Birthday July!

July is the most eventful month of the year for me. I have atleast a dozen friends who celebrate their birthday in July, its this month I get some mullah in my pockets (I get my upraised salary + bonus) , then there are the rains ( I simply love it!!) and also that someone close to my heart celebrates his bday today. Its also in this month when this blog and me celebrate our birthdays. With so much happening one doesnt realise how July come and goes. Well that is the scene usually, but this year its different. Unlike the usual, I feel just like the weather outside, dull, gloomy and moody. I feel as though this is sort of a quarter life crisis for me(i.e if I live to a 100, which is unlikely). I just dont feel the spirit of celebration this time. Hence I am going to keep it simple and quiet this time. No special lunch /dinner, no bday cakes, no blowing the candels nothing at all. its just going to be me and Mandy at home.


livinghigh 6/7/07 2:41 AM  

stay at home then if u wanna, but DO have fun :) happy bud-day

Pallavi 17/7/07 7:31 AM  

yeeaaa I get my raise too !! :)

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