Friday, July 07, 2006

Yet another year

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So yesterday I complete yet another year in this be precise 24 yrs. On of the best bdays I have had ...reason ??/ Me being a typical cancerian on most of my bdays i always find some lame reason to be emotional and brood over unwanted stuff..... most of the reasons may seem funny & stupidto the world but at that moment they are a BIG issues to be brooded over eg :am gettting old (hell yeah i was just 23 and already i was feeling as though i am gona be 50), lonliness ( well yeah i was drunk and dancing away to glory in a pub , how the hell can i b lonely ??)... well these excuses sure seem lame to me too after the phase is over with :)

Ok the now why didnt i go through a emotional rekc phase this bday ??? The answer is simple but it really means a lot ... I was lucky enough to be around people who really cared for me and wanted to make this day special for me. Every thing went perfectly right for me... exactly the way i wished for...

Once long ago I had asked one of my friends to get me a calcutta saree when ever he wud go to calcutta his home town., i was surprised to see one given to me even though he never went to calcutta after all .. I was always a coffee mug collector so it was really sweet of them to gift me one with a picture of all the guys together (I had taken that picture)...
I was more impressed with these guys becasue I realised that these guys pay attention to every small things about me ... they noted tdown wht i like , wht i want and what i wished for and surprised me those stuff ... They call me the queen of the gang since I am the only gal in the gang but yest they made me feel like on too ... I cudnt ask for more ... I luv u guys!

Special thanks to Anjan and Truman for calling me all the way from where ever they are .... that too at dot midnight Thnk you guys...

below i am posting the picture which was scanned on the coffee mug they gifted me.


anjan 7/7/06 1:58 PM  


It was an honour to wish you madamji :D

Nice you had a lovely day !!... I wish you many such birthdays

have fun!

sophie 8/7/06 9:05 AM  

May your spirit
soar gracefully
on the whispering breeze.

May your joy
run strong
as the deepest seas.

May your soul
reach out
to embrace the sky.

May your heart
guide you truly
as the years go by.

Happy Birthday to you Sweet Heart
Muuaaah Baby....hugzzzz

i m a lil late..but not too late i hope

Sidewinder 9/7/06 6:02 AM  

wow...happy birthday....:)...and nice to hear that u had a wonderful day......

The Bhandari's 9/7/06 10:07 PM  

Many Many Happy returns of the day :)

karmic_jay 10/7/06 5:46 AM  

Happy Birthday! Fret not @24. I am so over the hill. lol
All that stuff is so overrrated though. You are what you make yourself to be. I think I might shatter a few sterotypes too.

Anyways you must be truly special to have a nice group of friends. Am glad for ya.. later!

Vikas 10/7/06 11:45 AM  

Wow!! Happy Birthday and congratulations for having such nice and caring friends

Jinguchakka 10/7/06 2:20 PM  

Wish I were in Bombay to extract a treat from you.

Ekta 10/7/06 10:34 PM  

Belated bday wishes girl!!!
Wishing you a grt day and a wonderful yr ahead!
Keep smiling!

AlterinG Abhishek 11/7/06 12:56 AM  

happi bdday!!
so it was ur birthday that u wanted that skull cake!!
hee he!1
but this one looks way too tempting!!

Anand 11/7/06 1:56 AM  

hey deepa,
Belated bday wishes...have a blast and party thru the yr!

Pallavi 12/7/06 11:48 PM  

A very haay birthday to you sweets.. I am sure you enjoyed a lot

Sphinx 13/7/06 10:04 PM  

You are lucky to have some good friends. Enjoy :-) And a belated happy badday :-)

m 16/7/06 11:42 AM  

hey! belated B'day wishes! :) hv a gr8 year!

Rebus 16/7/06 9:58 PM  

And the wise crab grows wiser by another year; relax for the dreamer its the mood swings which keeps us high and low; for another year closer to maturity; I hope the child in you survives through;

small squirrel 23/7/06 8:00 AM  

oh my god I am so late in wishing you. just think of it this way, now you can celebrate it for like months past the date. :)

apologies for the late birthday wish. hope it was a good one! :))

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