Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Back frm a break a year more wiser!

So even though I was at work my u-know-wht out on my bday I had taken an off on Monday to spent some quality time wiht some close friends.... Talked a lot, became much closer, played games, ate out , drank a bit and had a nice time. So much so that I was in no mood to come back to office in Tueday too... again we were planning to spent some leisure time together but as destiny wud have it the things were not in favour and the tense situation in the city added fuel tothe already burned out plan. Nevertheless I wasnt the one to let these things spoil my day off... started reading The Namesake - Jump Lahiri. Spoke to a friend on the phone for some cool amt of time, after a long time.

Some things I came to realise over this weekend....
When u get into a unconventional relationship make sure that u are enjoying it, if u aint then pack ur bags asap get the hell out of it....U need to realise that there are lot of things which are not so usual abt such relationship, so u better be ready for it.

Everything in life need not necessarily be defined..... Some things are better relished when it is undefined.

Keeping ur expectations low really works... whtever u get over and above comes as a surprise.

Instead of nagging and cribing about the situation u are in, u either find ways to get out of it and if u dont have the guts to get out of it then shut ur mouth! Stop Nagging!

Its good to catch up with old friends, shud do that some times, take a walk together back memory lane, catch up with news u missed out in the gap, spend an evening just roaming around with ur old friend doing street shopping.

Its very important to show that u really care in some way or the other..... Surprise the person with a small visit, out of the usual phone call or a simple compliment... Not only he/she will feel in seventh heaven, u too will feel good.


Pallavi 12/7/06 11:47 PM  

I always try and do that once in a while.. take off one day and just do what I want.. that way I get all refreshed.. :)

AlterinG Abhishek 13/7/06 12:47 AM  

u speak so so much in between the lines....

it was like reading 5 pages of ur an entry!!

karmic_jay 13/7/06 6:00 AM  

Very well said, succint, short and sweet!

Sphinx 13/7/06 10:06 PM  

Somebody's been in a philosophic mood lately? :-)

Ekta 14/7/06 2:19 AM  

*Keeping ur expectations low really works* we know uv grown up..thats been one of the most imp lessons I have learnt too!

Viewer 14/7/06 6:40 AM  

@jinguchakka : Thnks for agreeing wit me

@pallavi : It sure helps me to find a balance in life :)

@alterabhishek: Well instead of yapping abt the details frm which these observation havebeen derived I wanted to hitthe bull eye... wht I havelearnt frm the experiences

@karmic_jay @ekta : Thnks

@spinx: am now a year wiser, the iser u grow the more philosphical u get :p

Rebus 16/7/06 10:11 PM  

Wow; now I do wonder what happens after another five years;; being a crab myself and having read "keeping your expectations low" I hark back "Is this posible for a crab!!!"; anyways good reflections.

anjan 17/7/06 7:18 AM  

yeah... oflate ive realised that a small surprise is large enough to bring a big smile :)

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