Friday, July 14, 2006

In memory of all those lives lost in the 7/11 tragedy....

I know its a bit late to react or say anything on the 7/11 incident. The whole blogsphere was talking about it and many reacted. In the mean time I decided to not speak abt it casue I know that there is no use speakign abt it, its better to act on it . I took this picture last weekend when I was returning back frm Colaba, after a dinner with my friend, just a few days before the 7/11 tragedy. Being a stonge mumbaikar I dont like to take out my camera in too crowded places and go click click click.. .makes me feel like a tourist. But I cudnt resist myself when I saw this women sitting accross me, somehow her sitting position and her expression caught my eye.

In memory of all those lives lost in the tragedy....

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On a lighter note, these are my current obsession... Yes bangles ! To most of the female human species this is not an unusual thing at all unlike me. My mom says that as a kid I was fetish about bangles. I had every color matching my dress and every possible designs too... Maybe true but I dont remember being obessesed about bangles, except for once when I did try to squeeze into a couple of glass bangles borrowed frm my room mate in the boarding school and ended up sliting my hand when the glass bangle broke half way down. That was the first and last time I tried my luck with bangles. However after almost 7-8 years I did muster up courage the other day to slip some these beauties frm a shop in the mall. After that i am big fan of theirs and I now have every color matching my wardrobe ...hehe. Life has come to be a full circle.


sophie 14/7/06 8:54 AM  

life is full of uncertainity...
and its wonderful too
nice pic...i dont wear...they hurt my hand

Vikas 14/7/06 11:34 AM  

Nice pic.. of bangles..

Vinesh 14/7/06 8:32 PM  

Bright, nice picture with colours that tell many stories..

moony 16/7/06 11:45 AM  

i love bangles too..lotz of them :)

Sidewinder 16/7/06 11:31 PM  

Nice photo
u shud name the picture as
'lady in the train'

Madhooo 16/7/06 11:50 PM  

A very nice, touching photo.

About bangles, they add more color to our lives, don't they?:)))

anjan 17/7/06 7:13 AM  

yeah... read a lot abt 7-11 tragedy, but never read of anybody donating!.... thats another tragedy!

and you have lovely b n w gallery

Ekta 18/7/06 12:01 AM  

For some reason I have never be fond of any kind of jewellery!
Guess I should have been born a guy..but I do think some women can carry off bangles really well..and bangles make them look really gorgeous!

Anand 19/7/06 1:28 AM  

Hey neat snap that one!!
U know its so strange that sometimes..u just catch some pcitures that are so simple and not really "photo material" but when u see these snaps they say a million words...the snap u took..says a million things abt woman!
Lovely piece!

karmic_jay 19/7/06 4:34 AM  

Great picture. Bangles are truly amazing, exp the varieties and all the colors.

ME 23/7/06 2:30 AM  

hey!! moi aussi hooked on bangles these days!!

Vj 25/7/06 2:19 PM  

Crispy shot.
I loved the bangles.
I have a similar shot here

I just love the riot of colors this bangle produce..

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