Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Remembring them ...

On Tuesday, everything came to standstill as the station fell silent for two minutes in memory of those killed a week back on seven trains that started their journey here

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AlterinG Abhishek 19/7/06 8:12 PM  

What is ur 360 degree view ? of this huge change int the world!!??

Ekta 19/7/06 8:24 PM  

may god bless them all and give them the courage and strength to go thru these trying times!

anjan 21/7/06 12:05 AM  

not enough if they mourn for two minutes.... we´d like to see the people responsible for this behind bars!

ME 23/7/06 2:29 AM  

I am glad at atleast Mumbai mourns for its dead. Doesn't happen everywhere in India.

Sidewinder 23/7/06 6:11 AM  

losses cannot be compensated...:( but
watever it is ...nothin can deter mumbai's hopes...

moony 23/7/06 9:27 PM  

Such a tragedy will remain in the all our hearts for a long long time..

Anand 24/7/06 12:38 AM  

Only mumbai cld have survived these blasts with the spirit that they did...kudos to all of them!

mother hen 24/7/06 11:11 PM  

Everytime an incident like July 11 happens, I can't help but wonder how many more youth it will influence on either sides, how many more jehadis will be born, how many more young minds will be led to believe that indulging in violence will take them closer to their goal. I feel like reaching out to each one of them and help them out of the abyss. When will we understand that violence will maim, orphan and destroy a society, and never help in creating anything!

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