Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Candid Camera

Some people are photogenic, some people are camera shy, but there are very few who is loved by the camera and is a pleasure to be photographed... He is one such guy.. Any day, any time, any moment dear L is ready to give a unique and out of the world pose... I luv such people ... and my camera luvs them too ....


Rebus 25/7/06 8:56 PM  

If that hadn't been his hand I would have labelled him in a James bond poster; give my regards to the happy go lucky chap and ladies in red to making the illusion complete ;).

Ekta 25/7/06 8:58 PM  

so cute..love people who can play weel in front of the camera and are sporting enugh!!
Grt pics!

Jinguchakka 25/7/06 9:10 PM  

turning your blog into flickr part 2?

anjan 26/7/06 2:18 AM  

some people are photogenic and beautiful!
u know whom in talking abt ;) !

Matter Mahadevan 26/7/06 2:26 AM  

I do agree, very few people are loved by the camera. Nice pics btw

AlterinG Abhishek 26/7/06 2:34 AM  

damn kewl..
and hey.. how come everyone is missing out on the beautiful ladies with "James Bond "!!

Viewer 26/7/06 7:04 AM  

@rebus: I will convey ur regards esp to the ladies in red ;)

@anjan : Yeah yeah i know wht r u refering to :)

@jinguchakka : arey nahi yaar juz that I have nothing much to wirte these days... will soon get back to the groove of writing

@alterabhishek: darn they are accessories for Mr Bond

@ekta @matter mahadevan : Thnks for agreeing with me guys :)

@karmic_jay : Thnks :)

Madhooo 26/7/06 10:40 PM  

Admire people who can be a sport in front of the camera coz I have always been camera shy.:) BTW, nice snaps.:)

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