Thursday, July 27, 2006

Yes Am Guilty & I have betrayed the Houswives!!!!

Yes, I accept that I am guilty as charged for ignoring my blog... for some days I was attempting to get away with posting pictures and a line here and there... until someone (ahem! ahem! u know who ) reminded me that I am turning my blog into a photo album no # 2... Thats when I realised that the world has started noticing my trick.... but I have my reasons ... although they are lame ...atleast they can be termed as reasons .... With work and personal life asking a lot of my commitment and attention, I had to give my virtual life a back seat ticket......Now unlike most people who take a break from blogging to sort out things it is very diffuclt for me to cut of the ublical cord between me and my blog even if it is for a couple of days / weeks.

Moving on from lame excuses, I have betrayed the housewives - My fav show "The Desperate Housewives" ofcourse for "sex n the city"...... When the show was on its last few final seasons I used to read reviews stating that it was the story of most of the single women, its a must see for single women yada yada yada ... but nver cud relate to the show till a couple of weekend back... and suddenly i see myself ditching the hosuewivesand get hooked to the show.. .sadly in a fewk weeks it will be final show for sex n the city, and i will join the housewives with their gossips and poker games ...


Jinguchakka 27/7/06 4:29 PM  

A blog is like a plant. You will have to nurture it continously.

Ekta 27/7/06 7:50 PM  

hhaha...guess it must be a tough choice between the housewife and sex and city..god the problems we women have to face!!!!;-)
somehow I never really got addicted to either of them!

Anand 28/7/06 2:30 AM  

what is this sex and city all abt!!Kepp hearing abt it from a lotta women!
Guess will have to see it myself now!

dianne_lone 28/7/06 4:06 AM  

I love both shows.. its clearly shows that the society has finally accepted liberated women! Good! SO I guess I need not to fear to be subjected guilty for flirting around in webdate*com... I need not to keep my identity of a girl looking for a hot guy to hook up with in webdate because I'd be finally out! lol! webdate rocks!

karmic_jay 28/7/06 4:40 AM  

Hey it's your blog do as you please ;)
But I hear ya about time and all. I have no clue how I manage to keep posting almost everyday, given my long commute work and home life.

I don't watch either of the two shows. :) Time is an issue ..

Pallavi 31/7/06 2:06 AM  

I love both the shows.. I am collecting the DVD of Sex and the City.. :)

anjan 2/8/06 2:34 PM  

Sex n the city is tailor made for women.... The housewife Eva!!! anyone can do her anyday any time :P

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