Friday, July 28, 2006

Lets have dinner at the PM's house today

A new look .... I know its not a out of the world template but nevertheless better than the sorry old drap plain white....on the other hand I was also ok with simple plain look .....but just a change....

Moving on further ... .at 4.00 am when I reach home and switch on the TV to catch up with the headlines .. .there is a steaming hot- just from the oven news flash about how 3 spoilt "ameer baap ke bigada hua kids" trying to go and meet our dear PM at his residence... Apparently the kids were passing by the PM's residence and decided to pay him a visit just like that.Hmmm..... I too was thinking of meeting the PM for dinner JUST LIKE THAT......I donno what were they thinking.. .Were they nuts or stoned ??? And at the end of the entire episode they just walked off saying it was a innocent prank.... yeah buddy ! A prank which gave them quiet a bit of media attention and lots of the broadcast time in numerous news channels.....

In a way these spoilt brats did make the biggies realize how pathetic are they efforts in taking precautions to safe guard the person who hold one of the most elite position in the country . These kids have proved that if they can breeze through the PM's residential premises, any darn terrorist can plant a bomb under the PM chair and blow his u-know- what off without much efforts.... The entire episode just made me realize with terror that if the PM of the country is not assured his safety what value does my life hold and how safe am I walking on the roads of India.

I also feel that instead of blowing the kids out of proportion (I am not saying here that thy shouldn't be punished) the authorities should take stringent actions against the irresponsible officials and fire the useless idiots !!!!

Read more of the story here


Jinguchakka 28/7/06 1:40 PM  

Template change please. Difficult to read.

Viewer 28/7/06 2:21 PM  

@jingchakka : ok yaar :((

Trevor 28/7/06 10:27 PM  

Hi Deepa,

...happened to sift through your blog a while ago and came away hooked! I am now adding a link to your blog on mine...Ola


Rebus 30/7/06 9:04 AM  

Well; you are ofcourse right with that kinda security someone may just waltz around PM quarters and come back to make his/her point.

Between nice template especially the two blooming sunflowers; but the orange font glares on a laptop.

Aaammph (shoutbox) thats too much latin in a day ;)

Sphinx 30/7/06 8:34 PM  

Nice template :-)

Pallavi 31/7/06 2:03 AM  

Its a nice look !!! how have you been ? what did you do over the weekend

karmic_jay 31/7/06 5:42 AM  

You mean they did not get shot? lucky.. and it says a lot about the security at the PMs place. Oy!

AlterinG Abhishek 31/7/06 8:49 PM  

nice template
abhi band karon yeh barrish

Madhooo 3/8/06 10:58 PM  

Interesting template. I agree with u that those officials and the security should ne questioned first. I did not know that PMs were so easily accessible.;)

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