Monday, July 31, 2006

Got to lay my hands ot this beauty this weekend, played around a bit, was super impressed and must admit that this the real thing... A friend of mine recently became the proud owner of this piece of art, and came home to flaunt it to me ... .Man I was green with envy!... But being the friend he is, he did offer me to borrow it whenever I wanted too... But owning something like this and using a borrowed one is something else .. .Sigh ! I need to find a gernerous sponsor to own one like this..... Is sombody listening ?? LOL


Jinguchakka 31/7/06 1:14 PM  

Many a time snaps with point and shoot steal the thunder from well equipped cousins. So don't fret.

The mottai boss 31/7/06 7:18 PM  

next hobby into your list eh? long will this last ;)

Rebus 1/8/06 4:31 AM  

Not a generous sponsor maybe sponsors, maybe you should open a trust ;)

Anand 1/8/06 7:02 PM  

which one is this??I own a Nikon D50 and thats a real doesnt look similar to that...!

moony 2/8/06 6:43 AM  

I like your new layout! :)
some of them are really talented in taking beautiful pictures..but me nowhere close :)

Viewer 2/8/06 7:39 AM  

@jinguchakka : U are right but i wud wantto experiment with a bit more complex aspects of photography with this peiece ofart :)

@the mottai boss: Aah donno yaar lets see how long this will last :)

@rebus: Yeah may be we can call the fundraiser " How viewer can get a Nikon D70s? "

@anand: Its a Nikon D70s.. even D50 is good peice now am jealous of u :(

@moony : thnks dear... just a change from the usual plain look .... hey probably if u take soemtime and concnetrate u will be able to capture good moments...... even i aint a good photographer yaar

anjan 2/8/06 2:27 PM  

u gotta get one of these gal!!
time u upgrade ur camera :D

karmic_jay 3/8/06 6:46 AM  

time to uprade hmm? :)

Akshay 4/8/06 10:24 PM  

As a very satisfied D70S user I would say go get it girl. Oh well save up first.

Pallavi 5/8/06 9:42 PM  

After much deliberation I have decided to go for the Canon DSLR... SIGH... I am still dreaming about it.. one day...

Ekta 9/8/06 2:30 AM  

even ur a camera freak??or a gadget freak?
post update maadi!

ME 12/8/06 7:50 AM  

it's a beauty!!! ur blog's looking nice:) I like the sunflower in the corner:D

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