Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Rollercoaster Ride

Emotionally these days its a roller coster ride for me. Sometimes I am on a high, frm where no one can bring pull me down, and the other times its a major low... rock bottom frm where no one can pull me up. At such times i miss consistancy n balance in me.... Being the crab that i am I know I am bound be emotional...too emotional . Normally oterhwise there is always a day in between when my feeling and emotions are in control... i am normal like the others... It balances out... But its during these over emotinal phase i hate myself.... its as though instead of being an individual i am a split personality, where one part of me wants to be the logical, rational and mature Viewer who understands the situations and the other part of me wants to be this pathetic spolit child, who wants to throw around trantrums at the drop of a needle... I guess I emege back to the surface only in a matter of time. Lots to blog about, but only once i get off this roller coster ride.


anjan 9/8/06 3:18 PM  

i´ve known u for long now.... you will be alrite girl *hugs*!

PS: u know my theory ;)

Silky Moon 9/8/06 10:10 PM  

It's a part of life dear and everyone is the same as you describe...

Mind want to be a mature person but heart want to be a little spoilt kid...

Mind and heart never go together....

That's why thoughts and feelings never match...

Hope you will be alright soon. God bless you dear.

BTW, comming after long time... You have changed you temp. Looks very nice.... simple and cool. :)

Rebus 10/8/06 2:18 AM  

Hang on; we eventually come out; will just say now that you are a spolit brat go indulge yourself; in time you will learn to tame that as well. But remember its this emotional side which help us see many of the things in perspective which the overly wise crab can't ;)

Ekta 10/8/06 2:49 AM  

awww...hugs to u!:-)
and if it makes u feel any better am as moody as they come..and am always having a roller coaster in my moods!!
But then thats what life is abt'll have its share of ups and downs and then its gonna be all ok!

Viewer 10/8/06 6:54 AM  


Pallavi 10/8/06 7:21 AM  

mercury playing tricks on you !!!

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