Friday, August 11, 2006

Am Jealous Of U Bangaloreans!!

Ok here I said it finally! I don't care what u think of it but hell ya am jealous of u bangaloreans!!!!!!!!!

If one must have noticed (I know people don't have the time to scrutinize someone's blog unlike me ) majority of the bloggers linked in my page fall into 2 major categories...Bangaloreans and Non Bangaloreans... letmme correct it again Bangloreans who travel a lot and Non bangaloreans who travel a lot or don't travel a lot... I haven't come across one bangaloreans' blog which does not record their weekend travelogue ... Is it the people there or is the geographical location of the place?? Here when I say travel I mean to say that bangaloreans travel to a lot picnic spots, tourist locations, hill tops etc.

I don't mean to say that Mumbaikars don't travel.. .they do ... but not most of them. I guess we mumbaikars already are grilled so much with the traveling from work -home -work that probably at the end of the week all we wanna do is to put up legs and laze around the weekends. Probably I am the best example for this scenario. I luv to go to different places, and the whole week I contemplate on doing so, but when the weekend approaches I am so drained out that all I can think of is the comforts of my bed and some chilled beer, these days its hot chocolate (its the weather).

Still the question remains unanswered ..Why Do Bangaloreans Travel more Than Mumbaikars ?


anjan 11/8/06 2:25 PM  

nope... its the techie lot that have hopped into the cash drawing arena of bangalore! they travel!
One- they are bachelors and dont know what to do with the cash juggling their pockets
Two- They dont have their family around to make a log of what he/she is upto
Three- they are bored to death and recluse otherwise

The true Bangaloreans (like me :P) still love to stay at home, eat mamma´s food, head to the near by chat stall with buddies and some sutta, may be a movie or a play ar ranga-shankara!

PS: all the psuedo-bangaloreans who are reading this... u can throw eggs at me, but not rotten ones... i hate to smell hydrogen sulphide :P

Jinguchakka 11/8/06 5:11 PM  

Oh! The Mumbaikaars travel more in a single weekday what the bangaloreans do over a weekend. Imagine the suburban train travel. There is no such thing in Bangalore. The few times I visited Mumbai, I liked the city. It has its zip. Maybe I saw my Chennai in Mumbai. Chennai too is fast paced. But Bangalore! bah...Come 8 PM they all snuggle into bed except for the BPO owls. Every city has its + and -. There is no need to envy, I think. And seriously you divide bloggers based on Bangalore! A shock to me. I think bloggers are much more homogenous thatn that.

navneet 11/8/06 9:17 PM  

hmm interesting observations...maybe you should also include temples to that list...coz that is all that there is anywhere in the southern peninsula.

hmm...i'd like to ascertain it to the better weather coditions...
oh an by the way, did i tell you about my trip to mekedaatu?? (kidding)

moony 12/8/06 12:01 PM  

I guess probably you know only those bangaloreans who travel more?! :) I don't much!

karmic_jay 12/8/06 2:27 PM  

Aww. you got me all worried buddy. You ok with the roller coaster?
Sorry I have not been able to visit regularly. Did not see you on gmail either the few times I logged on.

Maybe getting around in Bombay itself is so hectic that ppl there don't wanna travel?

anjan 12/8/06 7:49 PM  

@jinguchakka.... dude, u are kidding me... i know people who travel 3 hours a day to and back together. I agree there are no local, but u can finish a novel a day in the office cab!!

Rebus 14/8/06 8:16 AM  

I guess its more to do with the life they churn through somehow coming to bangalore I found my life much more simpler and hunky dory style; whoever I have crossed a delhite or mumbaikar; their life and travel (I meant the office only) doesnt leave enough inspiration to explore anything high and low. Still I am more the homely kind and prefer your style of chilled beer; still I am waiting for a company you know which; for the rest I dont know.

Vikas 14/8/06 8:53 AM  

I don't know much, but with the traffic situation in Bangalore I guess it will take more time to commute in Bangalore than in Mumbai.. it really sucks to drive in Bangalore.. I don't know many people who travel here lot..

Anand 14/8/06 11:15 PM  

awww..firstly big hugzzz!
I have lived in both mumbai and blore and the reason why bangalore people travel much more is coz travelling within blore is not as much a nightmare as bombay and secomdly blore has soo many places close by worth visiting that its difficult to resist them!!
I have personally done enugh travel in blore much more than I cld ever in bombay!

Aqua 15/8/06 12:34 AM  

i've noticd that a lot of the bloggers are bangaloreans and most are the outdoorsy-hiking-trekking types. i'm a bangalorean but a lazy one so don't do any of the above.

yeah i think another reason is that blore has so many getaways close it's easier for people to travel even during weekends.

Anu 15/8/06 8:20 AM  

Moving from a banglorean to a non banglorean this is my take,every weekend is a event to do something.With a couple of 20+'s with no family around, what we can do is hang out with pals at various locations.Moving away from bangalore, the requirement to move around has considerably decreased


Viewer 15/8/06 8:46 AM  

@anjan;@jinguchakka @navneet @moony @ karmi_jay@rebus@vikas @anand @aqua @anu: Whtever the reasons be i still declare bgloreans as the most avid travellers compared to amchi mumbai

Pallavi 18/8/06 4:16 AM  

hahah maybe because there is nothing much to do in Bangalore and well in mumbai you have a lot to do ! :)

moony 20/8/06 3:21 AM  

hey gurl! you've got busy again? :)

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