Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Way to go !

I guess the picture sums it all ... (hope so). Lots of stuff going on lately, some routine, some out of the blue... Work is demanding bit of me and so is my personal life. Its going to be like this for the rest of the May. A new addition to the family, mom n sis expected here at the end of the month. I have applied for a weeks leave from work , but am not sure if its going to be a vacation for me. Surprisingly all this rush is not tiring me down. May be I will be at the end of all the gala.


co^th 14/5/07 12:19 AM  

Really nice words there!

Viewer 14/5/07 2:24 AM  

Yeah true. and guess what when i got this mug the first thought that came to my mind was u ... weird but then ... somwhow coffee reminds me so much of u :-)

moony,  14/5/07 9:26 PM  

Hey! Me 2 planning on vacation, its been in planning for about a couple of months now.. now I am wondering if it will ever happen :)

co^th 15/5/07 5:00 AM  

lol! coffee is me :D

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