Monday, May 14, 2007

Cross over mode

My last post almost gives the impression that I am caught with some thing in Life whih is keeping aways from the blgo world. May be it is work or may be its something else. Well to tell you the truth I am not sure what keeps me busy the whole day. I walk in to work and fidget around with mouse & keyboard, but end up doing very little amount of work done. I hardly listen to any music or radio these days .(when I am really working I like to listen to music or the radio) I go home flip through channels, go 4 walks and cook food, but I end up eating very little and sometimes nothing at all. Despite all this I seem to be busy and occupied. I rarely get time to think about stuff.. u know those stuff which I like to tink about and get worried for nothing at all. I am not able to determine if I am over worked or underworked, happy or not happy, weather I need to go for a holiday or not. A certain numbness surronds me and nothing matters much. Even if it does, its effect doesnot last long. I guess this is how it must feel crossing over from a devatating event to life back to normal.

So that was about me. Moving further, I had vaguely mentione about a new member in my family in my last post. She is D_lyla

She is a 4 yr old Lab. She was owned by a family who are relocating to UAE and was looking for a home. She has the most beautiful and expressive eyes. Loves to petted as often as posibble she is an agel minus the wings.


Mridula 17/5/07 2:27 AM  

Hey, you never need any reason to go for vacation. I say, just go. And even though I am very scared of animals, the dog sure looks beautiful.

Pallavi 26/6/07 1:57 AM  

she is so cute !!!

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