Thursday, April 19, 2007

One wacko and 32 dead bodies

Yes am talking about the Virginia Tech shoot out here. Its all over the news channels, newspapers and Internet. The entire media is trying to get a piece of the story. Between the initial confusion about the shooter, the mystery on the motive of the shootout and the correspondence sent by Cho Seung-Hui to NBC I feel that media has forgotten about the victims and their family. Frankly speaking i have not heard any details about the victims other than the figure '32'. Instead the media is running around to know about Cho Seung-Hui's background, his behaviour, his routine schedule, and why he lately started going the gym to workout. The jack ass has mailed some pictures of himself posing with guns and knives and the channels and newspapers are only happy to flash them in front pages and headlines. Its an instant fame for Cho Seung-Hui and am sure that he must be sitting and having a good laugh sitting over his grave, seeing all the publicity he is getting.

I agree that we do need to know about the wacko, but hey i think we need to focus on the family who have lost their kids to mad asshole who could not think straight. Only today I came to know, i.e 3 days after the shoot out (I saw in Star Plus) that out of the 32 who lost their lives one of them is a Mumbai based architect student.

When media has access to the offender or his background, they completely forget about the victims and their family who are devastated. The biggest example being, 9/11 where media dint have much access to the offenders or their environment. All they new was some tit-bits, some words here and there like 'Taliban' 'Osama' etc.. and hence the media took the pains to reach out to the lives of the victims and thir family. They wanted to know/show us how great the loss is, how we can help some of them, although no amount of help can compensate the loss.

Am sure that in some days live will be back to normal to the reports who are present at Virginia Tech to cover the news, the cops who are there to investigate, to the the professors, to the College staff, and the students. If at all any one will be effected, it will be the family of the victims who have lost their dear ones to wacko. Can we help these families? Maybe in some ways yes and some ways not. For one we can stop publicising the Cho Seung-Hui


Anu 19/4/07 7:16 AM  


I am in the states, and there have been talk shows who are talking to the victims families (oprah)..they even got a person from India to speak on Prof.Loganathan.But few of the names have been publicised, as they dont want to cause more grievance to the families.And i do agree that the news media here is replaying the video thousand times.. i just hope another cho is not created

Ravi 24/4/07 2:04 AM  

Hi Viewer, am commenting here after a long long time. I understand your grievance but just as our hearts go out to the victims, its equally important that we have a heart for the killer too. He was not a terrorist but a person who lost his mental stability and am sure there is someone in the making like him around us. And am sure with a little love and care, many such people can be transformed. Hope you get my point! :)

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