Thursday, March 22, 2007

Fridays and Sign Boards

So its Friday finally! Since I work for a company which is a BPO and IT set up , we have to adjust our work timings to the client requirement. If we dont have a lot of interaction with the client, then we can choose to come at a shift which is convienient to us. Normally I prefer the usual 9-5 schedule. In this paricular shift I feel that my time is divided equally at home and work. I mean I dont have to get up too early, and am able to enjoy the firt cup of tea. At the same time I dont have to leave work late, this way I get some time in the evening to do some shopping and cook up a decent dinner for myself. But on Fridays its another thing I like to come a little early, even if it means dragging myself out of bed as early as 5am or if I have to get dressed in the dark. I like to finish off the last day of the week as soon as possible and get started with my weekend.

Anyways here is something very facinating. I am not sure if this happens in other countries, but here in India its quiet common to have sign boards with spelling mistakes that change the meaning of the word totally, thus giving a totally different idea that what the sign actually means. Somehow personally i have not come across, any such signs with spelling mistakes and even if i have i dont think I have paid much attention to.

Here is one such sign...


Mridula 22/3/07 11:56 PM  

What a singboard to capture! As they sy, many a time the picture really worth a hundred words.

livinghigh 23/3/07 10:10 AM  

hahaha. child bear it is! run for ure lives!
the funniest ive seen:
on a menu, at a roadside stall,
cock - Rs 8/ -

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