Friday, March 16, 2007

Missing Goa

I have been listening to Belly Dancer - Akon and the Dil Chahta Hai title song, then I got talkingto this firend of mine whith whome I had gone to Goa and am mising Goa sooo badly I saw Honeymoon Travels... :(( Never thought that place could effect me so much. :(( Can someone sponser me a Goa trip plz....


livinghigh 18/3/07 11:02 PM  

ooo.. i ahvent seen HT, but then saw this one called Just married, which was sposed to be a take on dat only - but its sooooooo crappy. soooooo boring, omg!
and yes, goa i miss too. told ya, na - monsoon time discount time. :)

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