Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The new man in my life.

Yes there is a new man in my life. I like to listen to his voice almost every single time I feel like want to jump out of the window out o frustration ( u know life is a bitch). Although myfriends in UK find him as irritating as Himesh Reshamiya and his songs,I still love him nevertheless. He has this liking for all quirky things. He loves to sing in a high pitched tone. He plays piano , guitar and what not. And his British accent is music to my ears. And the mystery man is .... *drumbrolls plz*....... James Blunt .... tadaaa... Read about him more. I am majorly hooked on to his songs. Although his face might give you an impression of a a heart broken loaner, he claims to be a party animal, who likes to drink a lot. He may not be a saint, but he has a saint like looks, and his songs are superb.


livinghigh 14/3/07 6:02 AM  

hehehe.. clever compariso with himeshbhai! :)

sophie 15/3/07 3:29 AM  

hi hows u..long long time no see

Rebus 20/3/07 5:47 AM  

"saint like looks", Hmmmph, put him in a orange robe; then I will reconsider ;)

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