Thursday, March 29, 2007

Health, Friendship and Song of togetherness

I am a food freak. I am not out and out adventurous at trying weird food but then some flavours and dishes gives me a high and I like to indulge in it as much as I can. This is quiet evident by my looks. And surprisingly unlike other gals I never cared about a perfect figure or the extra pounds I gain when am on a eating spree. Never was I bother that guys done drool over my figure etc ... Recently I had this person whom I know telling me that he has diabetics, and high cholesterol and a damaged liver ( that bad liver is because of his drinking) at the age of 33. It hit me hard. 33 is too young to have such ailments. And its really freaks me out to think that I wont be able to touch any thing sweet once I become diabetic. Of course you can take those once in a while risk and put your neck under the guillotine. This incident has made me realise that I am probably on a marathon towards an early heart heart attack, or being a diabetic at a early age. I can live without getting into single digit sized clothes rather anything ready made
All these thoughts have freaked me out of my wits. I don't want to cut short my life with my own hands and have taken a conscious decision to eat healthy and go for brisk walks. I hope and am sure that the fear of dying will make me stick to a healthy lifestyle. Will keep updating how I do.

Further ..
There are some friendships which have a shelf life. After that they die off totally. No matter how much you to try to revive it, perform CPR, mouth to mouth what ever you do it dies off anyways. Its sometimes useless to even to try to bring to a level you are not friends anymore but mere acquaintance. Its just doesn't work out, especially when you a blood sucking bitch to brain wash your friend. I am not even sure what exactly has been told about me that the relationship is irreparable. What is one supposed to do at such an instance? Am sure the answer would to just leave it and move forward..? Right ? But what if doesn't work that way? ... What if that person is unavoidable? And you have to face him time and again, interact with him out of compulsion and helplessness. Each time you come across each other,you always make a conscious effort to just keep the interaction to the required limit but the so called friend is out to slash you with comments and taunts, simply judging you by what he was told about.

Much further...
Have you listened to the song "Mere Haath Mein, tere haath hai" from the movie Fanaa? I do enjoy Hindi songs a lot but when it comes to understanding their meanings esp hidden meanings ( in those high fundoo Hindi words) I suck BIG time. Someone once has told to me that this is one of the few songs which explain the beauty of togetherness and relationship very well... The way smell is associated with breath, the way rhythm is associated with heartbeat.....Is there a better way to discribe it ?


livinghigh 30/3/07 9:37 AM  

shucks. get away from the back biter. take a stand.

PS; sigh, i told myself i'd eat healthy tonight for dinner... and then, while waiting for it, i finished one whole packed of 'spl makai chevda'. boohoohoo.

Mridula 30/3/07 11:24 AM  

I feel that eating healthy works wonders with a little bit of exercise. I too love to walk, in fact both hubby and I take a walk together everyday. Keep up with your resolve.

Relationships, I guess they are complicated, give them time?

Aah I am not familiar with the song but them I do not play FM anymore while driving, I listen to old Hindi movie songs :)

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