Sunday, February 25, 2007

Coffee with Mallika

The entire last season she was joke of the show. Almost every episode, he or his guests has something to say about her. Finally Mallika Sherawat was the guest o the show - Koffee with Karan, paired with Sanjay Leela Bansali who was all praises for the diva.

This was one of the first candid interviews of the Sherawat (as far as I know). Surprisingly I found the controversial queen pretty much sophisticated not only in her look but also the way she talked and what she talked. In fact I found her much better than Rani Mukherjee who seem totally bored and out of place this season. To tell u the truth I kinda liked the attitude she was throwing around. She seemed confident about herself. Some may term it as overconfident, but I think that is not at all a bad thing especially when you don't have a godfather to hold ur hand and lead u in the industry.

In the show Mallika says that she used to do anything to get public attention before. But today after showcasing considerable amount of her acting skills in Pyar ke Side Effects and an item song in Maniratnam's Guru , she is hiding from public attention. She away these days by wearing a burkha.

The grant finale of her rapid round fire was to choose the best runner. She was shown clips of AB jr, Shahrukh, Aamir and Akshay Kumar. Sadly to all our disappointment, majorly Kara Johar's she liked Akshay Kumar's run in Bhagam Bhag :) If u have seen AB jr's interview last season u will know the joke :))

Her answers were pretty good and bold .. i liked it here are a few ...

Her take on :
If she can act like a gal next door - " You want a gal next door? Go next door !"
On being aloof during the world tour with stars like Salman, Kareen etc - "I am here to work, not make friends"
On refusing to shoot a nude scene 4 Bhatts movie- " I have my boundaries. I am global in many way but traditional in some ways"
On men -" I feel that women are superior to men I have never come across a man who feels so" (Let me add that both Karan and Sajay was quick here to defend the Man-kind)
On the performance of Kareen Kapoor in the song Yeh mera dil frm Don - "I could have performed better that Kareen, simply because I am better."


livinghigh 26/2/07 1:52 AM  

ooo.. i LUV the sherawat myself!

Madhooo 1/3/07 3:40 AM  

I have always liked her for being herself. I think that is a genuine characteristic by itself. I missed this interview though.:(

Matter Mahadevan 7/3/07 5:57 AM  

i did enjoy the show as well, she was great in guru, the way she danced was fantastic.

I do not think that the guys were quick to defend the mankind, they were quick to tell that nobdoy is superior to nobody :)


Viewer 7/3/07 7:04 AM  

@Matter Mahadevan I must agress that she has done exceptionally well without any bollywood connections. But let me point out that they guys were defending the men. ;-)

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