Thursday, March 01, 2007

The City

Its almost 5 yrs since I moved into the city. I always said that I will never get over this city... ( I guess I have mentioned in my blogs a couple of times too). Since my childhood I have hip hop and jumped from cities like Bglore to Asansol to Pune, until I came to Mumbai and I realised that this where I want to make my nest... call it home. Somehow after 5 yrs I am suddenly feeling a bit aloof, out of place. I am not sure if this where I want to be after all..... Five yrs younger I would have just picked up bags and walked towards the direction where my heart longed, but today leaving although it feel like as though the city has gotten to me, seems like I have a lot of unfinished business her , some meaningless responsibilities, some unseen ties. Probably my roots have set in a bit too deep. I am not sure.


Satish 1/3/07 5:34 AM  

There is a saying Jisko Bombay ka Hawa lag gaya woh Bombay kabhi nahi chodtha hai :)

livinghigh 1/3/07 8:43 AM  

mmm.. i know wat u mean, u know. for one, the idea of owning ure own place here looks sooooooooo unlikely... but at de same time... this is where we've each forged our fantastic ties... and u know, there really IS a life to dis place - as corny as it sounds. :)

Sanjay 1/3/07 5:30 PM  

Better to have roots I guess.

Viewer 1/3/07 9:30 PM  

@Satish, @ LivingHigh @sanjay : Yeah ... u guys r right

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