Thursday, February 22, 2007

Another lesson I learnt

So this is the lesson I have learned. We cant keep every one around me happy. Unknowingly ppl tend to get upset about you, even though you might not have said/ done any thing out of purpose. Things surely get worse if u even try ot keep ppl around u happy. Its best to just leave it just the way it is and look at the brighter side of Life and move ahead.

Ppl who are not meant to be in your Life, have to go away one day or the other. The faster they get out of your life the better for you.

Another lesson for me, Talk less !


livinghigh 23/2/07 3:50 AM  

aha. 'talk less'. *sigh*. something my frnds tell me to do all the time. something i doubt i'll be able to accomplish! :)

sthupit girl 23/2/07 8:27 AM  

lemme know the how s and the how s once you figure out how to.

All my love,

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