Thursday, January 11, 2007

Me and My Blog

Well initially I preffered to keep my blogging under annonymity. One ofthe main reasons being - I dint want people walking up to me and questioning why I wrote this and what did I mean by that and all that crap. I basically dint want to be questioned on what ever way I felt.. I wanted a place where I could put my thoughts freely without giving any explanation. The another reason is people assuming thngs are esp bad things are being written about them and then making a big hoo-haa in front of world.. Tell the world tht they are victims of my penmaship, blah blah.

But slowly I was comfortable with a few people whome I know personally visiting my blog... but letmme tell ya if u are person like me who wants to put ur most genuine thoughts in the page then dont ever do this mistake.

I understand that each of us have our own opinions on every thhing.. so do I, hence keep ur opinions to urself as I keep mine to my page.

Secondly when in doubt about anything, have the balls to come up and ask me to explain... Again here I might give u an explanation here or I might not.

So what is the conclution ... I care a damn, I will continue to write what I feel even if it means that I will have loose some very close friends.. Its ur problem that U want to live in a world of assumptions.


Truman,  11/1/07 8:02 AM  

Hope alls well.

sirensongs,  12/1/07 8:02 AM  

Thanks for the link!

The Bhandari's 31/1/07 9:40 PM  

No issues here :) liked till date whatever u wrote

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