Monday, January 15, 2007


When the clock stikes 10 (pm) I am glued to the idiot box, to watch BIGG BOSS. I totally enjoy the show, so much so that I make sure I dont miss it, even though I have a early start the next day.

Rakhi Sawant is one of my favourite in the show. She is able to bring all the necessary flavours in the show.. Another interesting thing which keeps me hooked to this show is the way the "SO CALLED FRIENDS" back stab and bitch about each other. I have encountered some people and thus relate to certain situations in the show were people try to act as though they are your friends but in actual they are digging you a grave.

All in all its an entertainment to see the reactions of people who are finally confronted and caught (Esp Ravi ... I cud see heaven and hell together on his face when Kashmira came in to the show yest night). So far I feel that Carol Gracious had tried maintain her image as a sane, logical, straightforward, non hasselled person. She may not turn out to be the most entertaining person all the time but I somehow feel that she should win the BIGG Money.


Sanjay 16/1/07 4:46 AM  

Is this like the Donald Trump show?

Viewer 16/1/07 11:03 PM  

@sanjay: Its like the BiG BROTHER SHOW in UK ..i donno if US has its own version

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