Tuesday, January 02, 2007

3 days into 2007

Already 3 days into the New year.... Other than a little bit nudge here and there, things otherwise are pretty much good... New Year was pretty much at home.. but peaceful... I am fortunate to have some of jewel in my Life in the form of people.. but am also the jinxed to have certain characters in life.

Some people tend to be so intrusive.. they need to understand that its really irritating.. every thing has a limit and being nosy and intrusive is also acceptable to a certain limit... Then there are this another set of people who act like B3 (Blond, Bimbo, Bitches). All I have to say is to this B3 Category is GO GET LIFE !

Call me a self obsessed to blow my own trumpet or whatever... I am personally want to increase the traffic to the Amchi Mumbai Metrbogging site... which I feel is currently very poor.. Also compared to the oter cities I feel we are a little bit dull ( sorry Arzan but thats what I feel ). Hence I want atleast my fellow bloggers to atleast go ahead and increase the traffic... If there is something which worth mentioning, please do drop me a mail at 360degreeviewer@gmail.com

So here is the latest post I have posted in MB ... Go read it !


Sanjay 3/1/07 4:41 AM  

Will read your post there.

Rebus 7/1/07 9:14 PM  

Happy new year :)

The Bhandari's 8/1/07 1:33 AM  

happy new year, have read your post there

Anonymous,  24/1/07 4:00 AM  

How is the B3????????

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