Friday, December 29, 2006


For me this year was a bitter sweet one ... more of sweet memories which I will cherish forever for the rest of my Life. In the beginning of the year I was culeless about what the year has in store for me. Slowly but not so far into the year I did meet a few people who was about make this year a memorable one for me. I knew half way through the year that I had to make a choice to take what is there and live the moment or take a safer road and not get to experience some of the best moments in my Life.. and on a rainy day in June I chose to make the most of what I have and let the destiny decide my fate later on ... The next 4 months were some of the best times I have had, I dont think I have ever been so satisfied and happy with the way things were going.. (usually I am the lessfortunate ones from the rest in many aspects ..atleast thats the feeling i get, but this time I was the jackpot winner) things were going uphill... and towards the end of the year it was pay back time... I saw a group of friends come together and have some of the best moments and then go their different ways .. .some are not seen around at all... some are there but its almost as good as not being there.. .and some I donno why they are there around at all....

These friends did give me the best days which I can always look year after year.. .every occasion every festival there was something special done which will be hard to not remember in the years to come... So many moments captured that it will be almost next to impossible to look back this year... If given a chance I wud refer to live in 2006 forever.. and not move further at all... but it does not work that way ... For 2007 again I am lost and culeless... I am ready to start all over again...

Words are few to discribe my 2006 journey.. here are some moments captured which will last for ever in my mind .....

Note : these 2 pics were taken in 2006 but the date on the digi was not reset properly

Wishing you and your loves ones a beautiful jjounrey into 2007.. God Bless!


Sanjay 29/12/06 4:48 AM  

Nice retrospective. Here is hoping for a better 2007 for you. :)

Viewer 30/12/06 2:04 AM  

@thnks a lot Sanjay .... I hope u too have a nice New Year

moony,  30/12/06 3:21 AM  

hey girl, nice pics..wish you a fabulous new year!

Pallavi 31/12/06 8:46 AM  

Wishing you a very happy new year. May your coming journey be as fruitful as you wish it to be. :)

Madhooo 4/1/07 10:08 PM  

Wish you a very happy new year too.:))

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