Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Rants

In a way lot of things happening with me, but again there is nothing much happening at all... Christmas was dull through out but was satisfying enough to spend the end of the day with some people very close to my heart...

In the past of weeks there has been many doubts, thoughts, concerns, worries, and disappointments within me. I played every card and thigns were just gettign all the more worse. With a little bit of positive attitude and sleflesness I got to know osme of the answers which I was looking for... Although the answers were not as what I had wanted it to be, I was able to make peace with the situation... There is and there will be the sorrow of loosing some of the best things/days I had but hey good times dont last forever isnt it? For now I have to be content with whatever is there and just move forward with LIFE.

Looking back I could have actually done a few things diffrently, but I guess what ever has to happen will happen one day - it may be today or maybe tommorow but its inevitable.

I guess a positive attitude works for me for now... hoping one day I will be able to break through the wall between us and just be (BEST) friends forever............


Sanjay 27/12/06 8:44 AM  

Hey, hope it all works out. Above all keeping the +ve attitude is the best way to go about it. As they say in life you lose some you win some.

Jinguchakka 27/12/06 10:46 AM  

Cheer up for a great new year! For I am wishing you one.

Hope we meet in 2007! And I get to collect the treats you owe me and give the treats I owe you.


Viewer 28/12/06 7:01 AM  

@Sanjay; Thnks buddy, hope u r enjoying da holiday season

@jinguchakka: I do remeber the treats u owe ... but wht is are u tlking abth te treats i owe??...Dont remeber any :P

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