Thursday, December 21, 2006

Center Stage

The spot lights have dimmed
I need to take the cue
And gracefully move out of the center stage.

It doesnt matter how long I perform
What matters is how well I have performed.

Now matter how small my act was,
I gave my best, hoping it has left an everlasting impression.
It is ok if you dint cheer after every gmmick I did,
But if I was able to leave a tiny drop of tear dancing at the corner of your eye,
Then my performance is worth the while.

The audience keep on shouting" We want more!" "We want more!"
But there comes a point, when I have to leave the center stage.
Even if my act failed to touch your heart,
My graceful exit would definetly touch your heart.

I will stand at the backstage,
Seeing the others perform
Hoping one day I will again perform.
One day again I will be under the spotlight,
To touch your heart and soul,
Just the way I did this time.

But for now I have to move out of the spotlight, the center stage,
Because there is already someone else waiting to perform.

Life is a center stage.... I am just a mere puppet in the show....


Sanjay 21/12/06 5:17 AM  

Amen!.. Well said.

Deepa 21/12/06 8:01 AM  

@Sanjay: Thnk U.. How are you?

moony,  26/12/06 7:35 AM  

Are you thinking of stopping writing? How are you doing by the way?

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