Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A bad day to a good day

These days its a bad patch for me. And today was just another bad day, where I was grumpy and cranky. I would have continued to sulk and sob if it would have not been for a particular incident.
Early morning a small pup on the road, was hit n run by a fourwheeler. The poor thing was yelping with pain and its mother was helplessly pacing around her. Such things have not happend in front of me ever before and even if it would have ( not that I remeber any such incident) I think I would have preffered to turn my head just for the simple reason that I cannot do much help. And exactly that is what I tried to do in the beginning but unable to hear the painfull cry of that cute little fellow and took him to a charitable trust where they take care of injured stray animals near by( A friend of mine had mentioned abt it once ). It really felt good for a change to divert my attention to helping some oneelses problem rather than trying to crib over mine.

In the entire episod one thing I was agitated about was that though this happened in a Business park were there are many Multinational Compaines where there are over educated people earning big bucks and having great cars, not one was ready to come forward to help us get the pup to the vet. Its a shame that such expensive cars are of no use if it is not able to serve a real purpose like saving someones life. Even the auto driver tried to cash out on the emergency situation and charged us a Bomb. But in the end I felt nice deep inside for the good deed today. So am happy.

Note : Doctor says that this pup most probably will be paralysed waist below. Its a sad thing to happen for a adorable jet black fur ball like him. If any of u know where this pup can have a better place in mumbai please do contact me via email.


Anonymous,  1/11/06 5:23 AM  

It's very sweet and humane of you to do this, despite having a crappy day. As for the pup, I am nto sure anyone would adopt a partly paralyzed pup, but I could be wrong. Maybe the thing to do maybe to put it to sleep unless there are shelters that will care for it for life?
Sorry I don't mean to sound callous but it may be easier for the pup too, but if by some miracle everything goes well then thats great.

anjan 2/11/06 6:59 PM  

i know what u r going through, but dear, here goes tons of appreciations to you. Shame on the yuppies!

Anonymous,  2/11/06 9:44 PM  

You saved a life; is all that mattters. Thanks

There was a similar incident few weeks back; except in this case the puppy was already dead and a young man picked his body from the road, to be brought on the side.
A dead puppy, did it matter.
Atleast, to the man.

Anu 3/11/06 10:00 AM  

A life is by any form a life.. and kudos to you for saving it. People somehow forget that in the rush to get on with their own life

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