Saturday, November 04, 2006

Chit chat

When I was in boarding the nuns used to tell us to that if we channel our energy spent in negative/depressing thoughts to something good and constructive we might sow a double harvest. Normally I am the usual me cranky crab who like to dwell in such moments and crib and cry abt the issue till i get tired and sick of it finally. There been a slight mess recently and I was as usual being me... Finally today I pulled up my socks and got to office to work and wallla I was ableto catch up with some quality work, clear my mind, and meet some buddies online...

Lately I have taken fancy for Avril Lavigne .... sort of hooked to her songs totally and another unusal artist I like to listen is Alicia Keys... Both young and super talented females they are.

Now about my new team at work - They are total foodies just like me . Last whole week there was some or the otehr kinda excuses for treats and guess what am stil not tired of it *shameless smile* he he ...

Yesterday the vet called me in the morning and toldme that the puppy cudnt make it due to the amount of internal injuries it had.... feel like shooting tht son of b***** sumo driver.... dont understand how people can be so ruthless... but atleast I am happy that its had a peaceful death at a much better place than dying on the road.

Even though one particular friend of mine ( u know i am talking abt u *wink*) hates me pasting all pictures and making it like a scrap book I can resist myself from posting this yummy fruit cake I had last week for a bday treat... Hope u enjoy it :)

Have a yummy weekend !


Jinguchakka 4/11/06 6:24 AM  

:-) I don't hate those pics. It's just that to me they look like fillers!

Hope you've sorted your mess.
Take care!

Anonymous,  4/11/06 7:30 AM  

Can never say no to food.
Sorry about the puppy.

Pallavi 8/11/06 2:35 AM  

love the cake ...

moony 19/11/06 9:58 PM  

the cake looks amazing!!

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