Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Season of Heartbreaks

I know that its been a long time since my last post and that lately I have been neglecting my blogging a lot. I really cant give an excuse that I was busy with work but yeah I have been busy with a lot of stuff - work, friends, foosball, being agony aunt to all the heartbroken people and then mending my own heart at some moments (mind u am not at all heartbroken but u know sometimes u tend to feel a bit low), add to all masala going on in my life I finally decided to take control of my life and push it to the right direction and the first step towards tht was to get back to gyming regularly. Although I did somehow manage to drag myself to the gym and enroll myself last week I was only able to actually go and start working out since yesterday... My instructor was kind enough to go pretty easy on me for the first day but nevertheless my heart was in my mouth half way through the session and I was so out o breath at the end of the session I felt as though that my lungs would explode in my chest any moment. And yeah right now every bone, every muscle, every tissue in my body is screaming out with pain :(( But I plan to continue to workout regularly and I hope to stick to my decision. * cross my fingers*

These days I have caught up with this weird obsession with paani puris. Weird as it seems once upon a time I hated paani puris.. Can u belive it ??? But yeah paani puris are good for now (Reminder to myself: Need to go easy on that as well otherwise all workout will be useless). These days my life has become a spicy masala movie like. I have something or the other exciting and adventurous happening even if dint want to it to be tht way. For example I am the love guru aka Agony Aunt (for the moment) for my friends these days. I have friends coming home in the middle of the night with boyfriend issues, some of them calling me up to ask for advices on their rocky relationships, some of them actually giving my advice a serious thought and going abt doing it. I guess its the season of heart breaks. All around me people are having heartaches ... I am very much happy to help my friends out on times of crisis like but it is really depressing and saddening to see people very dear to me getting hurt badly and being used others like a piece tissue.

Food for thought : Love is a messy thing. Love is not only blind but also makes deaf , mute and totally dumb. Love sucks. Love is a bitch. Love is a fool and its a dirty game. Despite all this we all want to fall in love and I am no exception in this case. One thing I don’t understand is, if in Love there is so much of mess, then why are we still so desperate to be in love? Is it for companionship? If yes then why are we seeking companionship of a person who is a pain in the *u know where*, who is over possessive and literally suffocates us of our freedom, who is so always doubtful of u and never has an ounce of trust in u and ur commitment towards him/her. Or is it that in this fast pace world we are so desperate that we are ready to compromise in the name of love for anyone who comes in our way???? What is the definition of love??? Has the definition of Love been redefined I dunno.


Anonymous,  11/10/06 5:07 AM  

Welcome back. You should start an agony aunt column or a blog? :)
But I am sure it feels good to be able to help or at least lean an ear.

Ye I loved eating paani puris while in bombay, but I can't anymore cos of the invariable stomach upsets that can happen during a visit back.

As for the gym thing, it's hard but don't give up. I felt the way you did when I first started jogging 14 yrs back. But once I got used to it, it was great. But please keep at it and don't give up!

anjan 11/10/06 2:56 PM  

you??? gym??? :-O :-O

as far as love is ... in the name of god - Amen!

Jinguchakka 11/10/06 3:35 PM  

Gym, Paani Puri and love!
3 posts in one!!

Anonymous,  12/10/06 8:31 PM  

Well; if you had been the agony aunt I had to played the agony uncle (if there such a word) for many. And I have realised that we all are looking for that perfect companionship; deep down we are lonely; nobody speaks out loud; we are desparate; and whoever bumps into we try to hang on that straw, although I always thought that love is an over extension of friendship, but in our society I sometimes feel its just another placard; a refuge an escape a shoulder we seeked.

In reality there is no difference we elevate IT when that union complements and lament when not..

PS: A depressing definition; but love aint that flutter we see in that eye, thats just a poets world!!

Viewer 13/10/06 12:23 AM  

@Sanjay : Thnks Sanjay, esp for continiually visiting my blog despite no replies or reponses frm my end :) As usual I was caught up with work and otehr stuff... yeah I am seriously thinking of opening a agony aunt type blog but then I dont think I will be abl to maintain it with the hectic schedule right now ... may be sometime later. As far as gymining is concerned I will be continuing to do so no matter wat as u havesuggested :)

@Anjan: Yup ! Me gym ! :D had to do it someday na ?? and as u said love ;) amen :D

@jingchakka : yeah 3 in 1 post trying to make up for the time lost not writingstuff :) how are u ?

@Rebus : Hmmm I totally agree wit u buddy. Its difficult to find true love these days cause all the good men are taken lready :(( (kidding )

Anonymous,  13/10/06 5:51 AM  

You go girl!

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