Friday, September 29, 2006

Food for thought

My appetite has gone for a royal toss, am sleeping not more than 3 hrs a day but these things are not gona slow me down, these things are not stopping me to not enoying my work. It is not stopping me to spend time with my friends or hang around with them.

Couple of food for thought I have learnt in the last few days.

  • Insecurities in life - are bad esp when u know something is not urs at all.
  • Good friends are few whome u come across in life- so treasure it.
  • Love is sweet bitter, never get into it.
  • Live the moment, casue the past is gone and u donno wht is store for tommorrow.
  • Misunderstandings sometimes really brings u closer to each other that is only if u patch up well ;)
  • Swing both ways ! LOL ( Dont ask me more )


sthupit girl 30/9/06 9:14 AM  

hey! it's been ages... I've heard all the items on your list, been there done them even, except the last one.


Yours forever sthupitly.

anjan 2/10/06 4:27 AM  

u really gotta get some sleep gal!

Jinguchakka 2/10/06 2:23 PM  

Hope you got to sleep through this holiday weekend!

Anonymous,  2/10/06 11:28 PM  

3 hrs; a bonus with the new job is it!

Anonymous,  3/10/06 8:36 AM  

Get some sleep. Also swinging both ways.. not sure why I had a hunch there. (don't ask ;-))

Anu 5/10/06 5:45 PM  

get to sleep...n really agree with the tht abt friends, only few stay with you through corridors of time

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