Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Other Woman/Man

Yes that is the latest thing I get to hear/see very often in these days relationships. Now here I am not talking abt married people, they are a total diferent breed after all together, so lets keep them aside. I am talking abt the singles who are already commited to a particular person ( for a good amt of time) and still ventures out of that relationship. The most surprising part is that just because that person is " technically not commited" entirely or married as we call it, their artners the other woman/man in their life is ok with it. They are ok with it just with the hopes that one day he/she will break up with their respective partners (commited to) and come running back to them and then they will ultimately become their official guy/ gal. I pity these set of people who fall into the other woman/man category because ultimately they are in for a major disappointment (lets say atleast 99%) .

Then ofcourse there are certain people who are actually in so much in luv with just the wrong person or let me just put it as the right person at the wrong time ( only if they wud have met a bit earlier) that they want to make the best out of whatever they can have knowing very well that the relationship is not going to workout after a certain period of time. I pity these group all the more cause after the relationship ends they are left with the memories they had together and its almost next to impposible to get over it completely.

So the question is why do people look for love out of the relatioship they are already into especiallt when u are not "technically commited ". What I mean is that they still do have the option to go ahead and start a new relationship ( ofcourse ending the last one ) if they are not able to get what they want from the realationship they are in. Dont they ?? I feel that many stick on to thei partners even though there is nothing common between them anymore just because of the amoutn of time they have already stuck aorund with each other. Some are real jerks who likes to play games at the neghbours backyard but atthe end of the will want to return home eventually. Also the factor tht India is not yet so open towards the concept of simply dating , where u are not seeing someone but simply trying out the best compatible person around.

I might sound like Sarah jessica Parker in Sex N City in my last 2 posts but I really cant help thinking this way abt love and relationships these days, because some where somw how I am liked to these stuff through the people i interact and sometimes I am directly affected. Song am listening to : Complicated - Avril Lavigne ( seems so appropriate with the things going on in my mind)


Anonymous,  13/10/06 4:48 AM  

Hehe; now thats a very fiery question for all teh technically Other peoples; what they would simply say is "spice is the falvour of life" as if they dont get an ulcer or an afterburn effect but then what to do; technically they cant live with that one and they cant live withut the two ;)

Well heres another answer you will hear; "the old one is somebody I had for so long theres still some chemistry left, with the new one I am still exploring"; as if they were in amazon jungle.

You are right we are still in India, problem is we still cant be overtly polygamous but not think twice; but then we are technically trying to evolve;

Are WE!!!!!

PS: You are lending your shoulder more often these days, it will get drenched :D

Anonymous,  13/10/06 5:50 AM  

Grass is greener on the other side and also humans have some terrible failings.

Anu 13/10/06 9:39 AM  

I totally agree with the sticking around because of the time they have already spent.Nowadays I think its become a norm to be in a relationship,mostly for convenience. I know gals who got involved with guys for the whole reason that they had bikes and they could pick them up from office!!!!!Is love involved most of these times, i dont think so

D'pak 16/10/06 2:56 AM  

It sounds like English, but I can't understand a word you're saying. ;-) Keep Going!

AlterinG Abhishek 17/10/06 3:23 AM  

SJ PArker:
well what u say does make quite a lot of sense..
Its all the blame of very fast mrophing society...
Part of the human animal's mind still lives in an older social structure, but the changed social surrounding push him/her to think and behave in different ways..
confusing plenty around him/her!!

it is intersting to note these things...
u inspire me to write!!
lets see what comes next on the change blog!!

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