Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Ok so I had a bad day yest and guess what after speakingto a friend whome I never considered a friend worth talking abt my issues to really did make me feel better. Infact I was inspired to mend some of the strained relationships I have had to go through in the past couple of weeks. Isnt it funny how a moment (I call it "The Moment") can change ur thinking and can make u forgiving... Life is weird but sweet.

Note * : Thnks a lot all of u for the enocuraging/supportive words esp Karmic_ Jay, Jinguchakka, Nav And Pallavi ( sorry am acting lazy to link ur blog :P)


livinghigh 30/8/06 12:10 PM  

aha. the ranting is over and now calm, peace, serenity seeps through, eh...?
sometimes, that silly hindi movie line abt unloading to a stranger seems to make sense, na? *grin*

sophie 31/8/06 3:21 AM  

life is anyways beautiful

karmic_jay 31/8/06 4:27 AM  

Glad you feel better. AS livinghigh said... sometimes ppl you never think of might offer the best ear or a shoulder to cry on. Life is full of pleasant surprises too.

Nav 31/8/06 6:34 AM  

yay for "THE MOMENT"

ME 2/9/06 6:27 AM  

yeah the moment... I can understand

Madhooo 5/9/06 12:54 AM  

Ya, a moment can change one's entire perception of life. Very true.:))

Tenali 6/9/06 11:01 AM  

Hmmm.... It's kinda dejavu. I have witnessed this many times in mylife.

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